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Impact Artist Changing the World One Life at a Time

I’m an Impact Artist because leading people out of their comfort zone toward true transformation gives me life,

Coach Rev. Jason Carson Wilson

Coaching By Zen Impact Artist, Rev. Jason Carson Wilson, M. Div, brings a holistic approach to coaching all those willing to let an ordained Black queer minister with a commitment to social justice and entrepreneurial spirit guide them on a transformational journey. Wilson is a certified Life Purpose Coach, who brings a Master of Divinity degree to the table. He graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary and studied at Empowerment Life Coach and Transformation academies. Wilson has also studied with Dr. Steve G. Jones. He’s also the proprietor of Revision Coaching. Wilson is ready to help anyone revise their life. But, he has a special place in his heart for…

Learn more about Coach Jason here. Coaching By Zen founder Michael Redd interviews him for the Positive Spirit podcast.

SGL/LGBTQ+ People & People of Color

Life presents challenges & obstacles to everyone. Same gender loving (SGL) & LGBTQ+ people face very particular challenges & obstacles, thanks to homophobia, queerphobia, racism, sexism, and transphobia. Let this Black queer coach help guide on a culturally competent transformational journey.

Social Justice Warriors

Fighting injustice is taxing. Creating much-needed change that allows everyone to live with dignity and in peace takes hard work. Social justice warriors must be prepared for adversity and to make enemies. Let this coach and fellow social justice warrior help you navigate your change-making adventure and help you make more of an impact.

Faith Leaders Across The Spectrum

While this coach is an ordained Christian faith leader, he’s committed to interfaith engagement. Whatever your faith tradition (or choice not to adopt one), let this coach can help you create a more fulfilling ministry and develop a self-care routine that sustains you.

Why Pick Me? Learn About My Journey

Jason was 9-years-old when God called the little Black boy TWICE to ordained ministry on the way to the altar. He didn’t believe what he heard the first time, so She repeated Herself. Jason began planning and preparing to be a preacher. He preached during youth Sundays and nursing home services.

Once Jason realized he was gay though—ministry was no longer possible—thanks to his conservative evangelical church’s homophobic theology. Thankfully, an Open & Affirming United Church of Christ congregation would affirm his call.

That affirmation would lead him to a transformative experience at Chicago Theological Seminary, which revealed he was called to social justice ministry. Further discernment has established God is calling him to parish/social justice hybrid ministry.

This journey has taught Jason many lessons. He wants to share them with same-gender loving (SGL) people, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color–leaders or aspiring leaders–who just might be taking a similar journey and pondering their next step.

What kind of leader are you?

  • Seminarian
  • Clergy or layperson
  • Non-profit leader (faith-based or secular)
  • Corporate

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